Build Strong & Resilient Tribes

TRIBAL is a community and relationship building platform that helps leaders and organizations harness the power of storytelling to build stronger, more inclusive, and resilient tribes through empowering resources and stories of hope, help and purpose.

Stories That Inspire

Resources that equip

Relationships that Empower


“For as long as humans have been humans, stories have been our central connecting fiber, as essential to our existence as the blood that courses through our veins…”


How TRIBAL Helps Leaders

Build Strong & Resilient Tribes

Stories That Inspire

TRIBAL’s approach to strategic storytelling creates positive, member-focused content that helps to bridge understanding of one another, strengthen culture and decentralize leadership burdens. 

Stories serve as a powerful onramp to the resources that equip and relationships that empower.


Resources That Equip

TRIBAL’s mobile platform provides anywhere, anytime access to empowering content, rich with advice, insights and personal stories to ensure employees are supported by Hope, Help and Purpose to inspire meaning. 

The outcome is members who are connected to practical resources for help within the organization.

Relationships That Empower

TRIBAL’s features help build inclusive teams through “My Tribe” and “Groups” and provides matchmaking by connecting people to mentors, friends and coaches. Our goal is to meet people in digital spaces but reconnect them to face-to-face conversations.

The outcome is a more unified Tribe empowered by new and strengthened relationships at all levels of the organization.



TRIBE Leader’s Feedback


The thing that appeals to me the most about Tribal… it seems as though many people today are creating communities based on shared dislikes. People gather together in fear of ‘the other,’ and find solidarity in negativity. Tribal allows people to collect around shared stories – commonalities such as hobbies or beliefs. It’s the difference between negative and positive tribalism – I really think that Tribal creates spaces where people bring out the best in each other.

Elijah Andes
Beta Customer


I’ll tell you the #1 reason why we need TRIBAL. Until I read Andre’s story about him having an autistic child at home, I thought I was the only one having those challenges and didn’t want to bring my struggles to the workplace. Since knowing his story, we’ve connected as friends and even started a support group at work, meeting regularly to help each other and many more. 

TRIBAL User & Program Analyst


“Setting the right culture and fostering healthy, informed relationships among our employees is critical to our future success and Tribal will be a key element in that endeavor. Beyond our internal use, we believe our organizational performance staff will find it very useful in helping other companies reduce turnover and increase productivity. We look forward to continuing this relationship!”

Austin Boyd
CEO, Whitespace Innovations


As connected as we have the potential to be, we often feel lonely. Even in a workplace where we are surrounded by coworkers, without any real connection, you can feel like you’re just an employee. Tribal gives coworkers opportunities to share their stories, which fosters a sense of community and builds friendships. Through storytelling, we become known and our coworkers become more like family.

Tracie Collier
Project Manager, Shattered Media

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