We are all about building strong teams. Learn a little more about who we are and why we exist.

Our Story

10 years ago, we set out on a mission to connect people to each other and to resources for hope, help and purpose. We believed that storytelling was the key to unlocking mission success.

The problem that arose in the pursuit of our goals was the lack of an effective platform to help us, and many leaders like us, make the impact that we wanted to make.

Leaders who want to lead others to a greater sense of hope, offer people practical resources for help and/or invite people to participate in a grand purpose are relegated to using social media to try to connect with their people.

The problem is — social media is not built to connect people in meaningful relationships or move them to meaningful action. Social media is built to keep you scrolling.

So, we set out to build our own platform to help leaders like us and leaders like you connect with, grow and inspire the people you’re trying to reach!

As we like to say “Give us 100 ambassadors over 1 million FB followers any day!”


Mission, Vision, Values

Vision: Connecting People to Hope, Help and Purpose — Moving people to meaningful connections and meaningful actions.

Mission: We exist to connect people to stories that inspire, resources that equip and relationships that empower. 


  1. We are a TRIBE. Our team is a tight-knit community. We may all be different, but we work together toward our mission. We don’t let disagreements get in the way of our friendships, work, or passionate pursuit of our vision. We work hard to build a meaning network of our own so we can help other communities do the same.
  2. We pursue EXCELLENCE. To us, good enough isn’t good enough. We’re committed to producing high-quality work and we won’t settle for anything less than the best. 
  3. We work with PASSION. Our work means more to us than a paycheck. It’s not just a job, a 9-to-5 or something that pays the bills. We believe in our mission, we love what we do, and we work with zeal and enthusiasm. 
  4. We INNOVATE. We believe there’s more to life than the status quo. We endeavor to see greater potential, ask hard questions, try new things, make helpful mistakes, and think both critically and creatively to imagine a new path forward.  We are constantly learning, knowing that change is a constant and we need to be prepared.
  5. We have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. Trying new things isn’t easy, and we expect to have our fair share of obstacles. But we’re committed to choosing positivity and optimism over discouragement and cynicism. 
  6. We DO RIGHT. All the time. Integrity is of utmost importance to us.  We are committed to honesty, accountability, and doing the right thing every single time — even if it’s hard, inconvenient, or uncomfortable.

It’s “We,” Not “I.”  We believe in the tribe first. Every tribe member is humble, teachable, and willing to both admit and correct mistakes. We are constantly growing individually so the tribe can reach its greatest potential. 

Our Culture

Culture is a bit of buzzword these days, but at TRIBAL we understand the culture of your workplace is what ties you together in common purpose and understanding. Culture is about unity, but it also makes work/life meaningful. As leaders in connecting companies and people to improve culture, we lead by example. We are not a company built by corporate giants with an iron fist. Our leadership truly cares about people. In fact, this care is the very reason TRIBAL exists. The platforms purpose is to help people connect, learn, grow and find resources to help, hope and purpose. If we were to sum up our culture, it would be something like, “It’s about the people.”

At TRIBAL, our team understands they have ownership in the work that they are doing. Every member is vital to the success of the platform and we are an open creative environment. What does that mean? It means that all ideas, input, opinions and thoughts matter. We work as a collective to reach our goals, no matter what department or role you are in.

We work hard, have fun, do the right thing and build amazing products. We strive to create an environment that is collaborative, creative, inspiring and ultimately leads to great people, having a great time, creating great resources for our customers.