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We need a return to story… Your stories shouldn’t get lost in the rest of the noise of the world. They shouldn’t be drowned out by the vitriol of social networks. Stories are powerful. Stories break down the barriers that keep us divided. Stories, when done right, serve as natural onramps to more meaningful relationships and to resources for hope, help and purpose.

TRIBAL is the place where your story can shine. If you have a story that can offer hope to others, we want to help you tell it to the world. 

We believe your stories can move the world.

Send Us Your Best Stories

Be authentic and encouraging… Stories should be anywhere from 500 – 2000 words. Longer is not always better. Our judging panel will be looking at  each submission to ensure that the content is easily understood and is a very powerful story. 

Make Sure They're Awesome

Make sure you review your content for readability, grammar and to make sure it is a compelling piece. Remember, our goal is not to have a ton of filler content or “blogs.” We want high quality, amazing and impactful stories and practical articles for help. 

You Could Win Up to $1500

After submitting your work, our judging panel will review and score it based on our numerical judging scale. If your piece is the overall top scoring piece, you will be awarded the grand prize of $1500. Eight category winners will receive $250 each as well.

General Story Guidelines

It Must Be Original!

If you submit your work to Tribal, you are certifying that you own the content and that you have the right to post it as yours. If you’re writing about someone other than yourself, you must have permission to share the story. Please notify the subject and provide us with their contact information.

It Must Be True!

Your story must be a true story. No fictitious stories will be considered.

Your Story Must Align With Our Values

Check out our values statement here and make sure that your story aligns.

Longer Doesn't Equal Better

Your story must be 500-2000 words long. Content matters more than length — we’ll score a tightly written, compelling 500-word story higher than a rambling, disorganized 2000-word story.

It Must Follow the Theme!

Your story should be one that offers hope, help and/or purpose to the reader.

Tribal's Rights

Upon submission to the contest, your story becomes the property of TRIBAL and may be used for publication. You will be notified if your story is chosen for publication. TRIBAL retains the right to edit any submission before publishing to fit TRIBAL’s editorial needs. If your story does not win but TRIBAL chooses to publish the story and it needs substantial edits, you will be notified. Upon submission of your story, you agree to allow TRIBAL to edit the story to fit TRIBAL’s editorial needs. 

Do you have a story of something you have experienced? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit more than one story?

Yes! Multiple entries are welcome and encouraged. However, each entry must be a different story. Don’t submit multiple entries telling the same story!

Does my story need to be in a particular format?

Your story needs to be typed and submitted in a .doc, .docx, or .pages file format. Your story should be single-spaced and in 12-point font. Be sure to cite any resources gathered outside of an interview, including any applicable links. At the top left-hand corner of your document, list the title of your story, the category you’re submitting to, the final word count, and your name. It should look like this: 

How I Paid My Mortgage In Three Years 

Category: Money Matters 
Word Count: 879
By Jane Doe 

What will my story be judged on?

Your story will be judged based on a numerical judging scale.

1 – poor, needs major work

2 – shows promise, needs improvement

3 – average, more revisions are required

4 – good, close to being publishable, still needs some minor work

5 – excellent, publishable 

Your story will be judged on the following factors:

  • Great title
  • Good Lede/Hook
  • Readability and compelling in nature
  • Within the word limit (500-2000 words)
  • Follows a narrative style, not informative or instructional
  • Leads to hope, help, and purpose
  • Original in idea and creation
  • Compelling image that pairs with the story
  • Generally clean of errors. Stories needing substantial edits will not be eligible for the grand prize.
What should my story be about?

Your story can be about any topic or experience you want to tell that relates to hope, help, and purpose. Any story you feel fits those characteristics would be a great one to share!

Why should I submit my work?

You should submit your work to Tribal because you want to inspire and help others that may be going through a similar journey as you. Plus, the grand prize incentive of $1500 is a pretty good reason, too. Eight category winners will receive $250 each.

What will you do with my story after I submit it?

We have the right to post any of your work on our blog after you submit it. If we think you tell a compelling story that relates to hope, help, and purpose, your story might be featured on our blog!

Got a question we didn’t answer? Ask us here.

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