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Today’s veteran faces numerous challenges and concerns to include health and well-being, education, transition and post-service employment, and family support. At the same time, Services are facing modernization challenges spanning the need to foster cultures of innovation to talent management to building resilience within the force.

As the world becomes more interconnected and technological advancements increase opportunities for organizations to innovate and prosper, there also exists a growing, ironic conundrum — individuals feel increased detachment from supportive communities and a lack of meaningful, personal and professional relationships. Service members and veterans also face increased concerns to include health and well-being, education, transition and post-service employment, and family support. TRIBAL addresses this through fostering a culture of trust, optimizing human performance, and building connections.

TRIBAL is a digital platform that helps leaders and organizations build stronger, more inclusive, and innovative teams through stories that inspire, resources that equip, and relationships that empower.

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Resources that equip

Relationships that Empower


Stronger individuals build stronger teams. Effective leaders understand the importance of purpose and mission for an organization to perform at the highest levels. Purpose establishes a competitive advantage. Just as important is for individuals to understand the role they play in their organization’s greater purpose coupled with a culture of continual communication. As part of a holistic resilience effort that builds mental, physical, social, and spiritual fitness, TRIBAL assists leaders in ensuring their organizations focus on building a shared purpose augmented by robust, supportive relationships. 


Culture matters. The culture leaders create directly impacts their organization’s ability to lay the foundations of disruptive innovation and advance future-force capabilities. To be effective in the innovation space, leaders must create a culture that facilitates diversity of thought and values inclusion of ideas. It is just as important to feel both engaged in one’s work and comfortable sharing unconventional ideas as is feeling connected to the organization’s values, mission, and purpose. TRIBAL allows leaders to ensure organizational values are promoted while taking steps through tailored content and resources to shape a culture of trust that brings about true innovation. TRIBAL promotes the ingenuity of the individual service member, taking advantage of bottom-up innovation.


TRIBAL’s strength is its content. From engaging stories addressing the challenges and triumphs of the military and veteran community; to practical leadership lessons from the known and should-be-known, TRIBAL’s content provides a source of hope, help, and purpose to connect people to meaning. Coupled with resources to help organizations assess, develop, and inspire their teams, TRIBAL is a force multiplier for those looking to take advantage of mindfulness, human performance, resilience, and transition resources.

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