Product Roadmap

We are working to add amazing features and services to our platform. Below is a list of many of the updates that are in our process. This list is based on user feedback, not all items in our process are listed here.

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Ideas we’re researching

Planned for design Q4, 2020
Story Reactions

Story reactions will give users the ability to respond to content through visuals like emojis.


Polls will be a new type of content in the Tribal App. Users will be able to create polls for their tribe members to participate in.


Create and manage events for you tribe.


Spark will help tribe members who have a story to share but need a little support to get started. Spark will provide users with prompts to help get their creative writing juices flowing. 


Features we’re designing

Moving to development Q3, 2020

Groups will allow users to start a community within their tribe for people with shared interests to communicate with each other.


Users will be able to add interests to their profile, opening up opportunities for communities to grow based on similar hobbies, professions, etc.

Private Messaging

Have a question for a tribe member about their article you just read? Start a private chat with them from within the app.

Group Messaging

Send a message to just the tribe members that are part of a certain group. 


Encouraging reminders (“nudges”) to create content for your tribe members that haven’t in a while


Features we’re building

Planned release in Q3, 2020
Browser Web App Version

We are building a fully functioning version of our platform that will run in current web browsers with standard user and admin menus roles. We are working on phase 1 which will include almost every current function of the mobile app.

Integrated Billing

Integrate billing into the product to streamline the billing process

Video Embed

A new feature allowing users to add video from third-party providers such as Youtube, Vimeo and others. Videos will play in full screen view in the single story screen.

Enhanced Administrative Role

Administrators will have an enhanced user experience that will allow them to have full management over things like reported content and an enhanced view that will help you perform admin actions more easily.

Personal Tribe Management

Part of more than one tribe? No worries! This initiative will make switching between tribes a breeze 

Registration Reminder

Sent someone an invite but they still haven’t registered? You’ll now be able to see that they’ve been sent an invite and send them a friendly reminder to register! 

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