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Your employees are the greatest asset in your company.

Give them a meaningful place to work.

TRIBAL is the Meaning Network. Unlike social networks where people go to check out,  TRIBAL is the network where people go to check in. Whether distributed or in office, large or small, TRIBAL helps companies create and grow resilient Tribes by connecting people to each other through amazing content and resources that engage and inspire them.

Why Now?

The future of work is here, and it is not going away. There will be long term second and third-order effects from having a more distributed, siloed, isolated and technologically connected workforce. This new normal brings new challenges for leaders in all industries. TRIBAL is here to help leaders move from surviving to thriving!

Care for Each Other

Help your people connect at the deepest level of commonality — stories. Over the bridge of shared stories, TRIBAL creates natural and powerful on-ramps to the relationships that foster peer-to-peer mentoring, coaching, counseling and care. Decentralize the burden of helping your people amongst your Tribe — the most powerful source of hope and help. 

More Than COVID-19

While the headlines may be focused on quarantine and politics, your people have all kinds of stories going on simultaneously. Give them a place to connect to hope, help and purpose for any type of story. TRIBAL has meaningful, helpful, inspiring content that helps your people find the hope that comes from knowing they’re not alone – no matter the story.

Thriving Tribes

Build a greater sense of connection, create a culture of care and belonging, and offer resources for hope, help and purpose to inspire your employees. Your team will begin to thrive in even the most stressful times as they take care of each other and move forward together. Strong, resilient, inclusive, inspired teams outperform all others. Don’t just make it through. Build something great with TRIBAL!

TRIBAL Is Your Own Private Network

Your App. Your Tribe. Your Stories.

Stories That Inspire

TRIBAL’s approach to strategic storytelling creates positive, member-focused content that helps to bridge understanding of one another, strengthen culture, and decentralize leadership burdens. 

Stories serve as a powerful on-ramp to the resources that equip and relationships that empower.

Resources That Equip

TRIBAL’s mobile platform provides anywhere, anytime access to empowering content, rich with advice, insights and personal stories to ensure employees are supported by hope, help and purpose to inspire meaning.

The outcome is members who are connected to practical resources within the organization. 

Relationships That Empower

TRIBAL’s features help build inclusive teams through “My Tribe” and “Groups” and provide matchmaking by connecting people to mentors, friends and coaches. Our goal is to meet people in digital spaces but reconnect them to an in-person community.

The outcome is a more unified Tribe empowered by new and strengthened relationships at all levels of the organization.

All Tribes Include:

Amazing Content Built In

TRIBAL is a great way for you and your Tribe members to create content, but we don’t stop there. With premium providers, you get amazing content to supplement your feed and keep your member engaged. This helps to reduce the burden of content creation and makes your Tribe more likely to thrive.

Private, Trusted, Yours

TRIBAL stands on the belief that your data is yours. We are not integrating with other social networks, so no bots.  We don’t sell ads on our platform, so that means you get a fresh story feed free of all of that annoying noise. You can trust we are not using your data to feed the advertisers.

Admin Portal To Manage Your Tribe

TRIBAL has created an admin portal to give you full control over your Tribe. Create content, subscribe to free and premium providers, and manage your members with ease.

Support To Get You To Success

We offer support from best practices and getting-started guides, all the way to the custom content and community management services. Our customer success team works with you and your Tribe to get you a vibrant, growing community.

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No Ads. No Big Data. Just Right.

TRIBAL stands firm that your data – well – belongs to you. We will never sell your data at the Tribe or personal level. We do not sell ads for external promotions or fill your feed with sponsored ads.